BBQ Fundraising

Barbeque Bucks Fundraising Program

In a continuing effort to partner with neighborhood causes, Howard’s Barbeque invites you to participate in our “Barbeque Bucks” fundraising program.  This is a fun, effective way to assist in raising funds for community organizations, schools, charities, clubs, school sports teams or groups supporting a cause in the community.  After all, who doesn’t like BBQ?

Getting started is easy…

  • Barbeque Bucks is hosted on a Monday or Tuesday evening.  It is more effective if we schedule the date at least 3 weeks in advance to provide ample time to promote event.  Event time will be from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
  • We provide restaurant, patio area, food and staff to help with your event.
  • Co-marketing is the key to a successful fundraiser.  Flyers, banners and social media are some ways to spread the word.
  • Encourage friends and family to bring at least 1 person with them to your event.  Howard’s will donate 10% of the sales during the hours of the fundraiser.  More people, more Barbeque Bucks for your organization!
  • You receive your donation check the very NEXT day!!
  • You are always welcome to host more than one event.

We are here to help make your event an absolute success.  Stop by Howard’s and speak to Jim to schedule your Barbeque Bucks Fundraiser!!